The Underground is UTSC’s official student publication. It began distribution in 1982 as a newspaper, and in 2009 transitioned into magazine format. As of the 2018 winter semester, The Underground has moved to a completely online model.

On March 9, 1982, The Underground was born, ironically, in a basement, and was published with the assistance of other student publications, students, and the Canadian University Press.

This was after the Scarborough Campus Student Council (now the Scarborough Campus Student Union - the SCSU) chose to cease funding the publication at the time, Balcony Square.

This decision was made following an editorial that critiqued candidates for an upcoming election.

We hold that history close to us. Regardless of who - the union (SCSU), the university, the faculty, the government - The Underground will always strive to appropriately critique and criticize where necessary. It is the fundamental duty of a student publication to contribute to, and challenge, campus life.




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