"I hope this chat is never leaked"

The opinions presented in this article are not those of the Underground, and are of a student in the SCSYou slate.

The Underground received an email from an anonymous source containing an image which shows Anup Atwal, SCSYou Presidential hopeful – who was disqualified Monday night – confirming his official statement re: disqualification with his SCSYou slate.

The image contains Atwal’s statement, which is available on the Underground’s Facebook page, and a statement regarding Leon Tsai, ShineBrightUTSC’s VP-Equity candidate.

Atwal has been criticized by students and ShineBrightUTSC executive-hopefuls as being unsympathetic towards LGBTQ+ folks, a sentiment he has denied in public.


Following some investigative work, the Underground was able to confirm that the individual who sent us the image is Armaan Sahgal. He is currently running on the SCSYou slate, as the director of critical development studies.

“He was sending us a draft of a statement he was going to release on social media about his disqualification…and he added that end line in because I suppose he doesn’t like how some folks have accurately called him out on his transphobic and other far-right views.”

When asked his reasoning for providing the Underground with the information, Sahgal said:

“I may not have voted for Leon, but she’s a friend, and what Anup said is hateful and crappy. It should be known by the student body that this is the sort of person he is. Even though I (and most people tbh) agree with him on electoral and other SCSU reforms, his anti-LGBTQ views are sickening.” 

Sahgal continued: It’s kind of reminiscent of that time he orchestrated outrage against a decision to grant financial resources to the Women’s and Trans Centre. Regardless of the merit of their request for finance, Anup’s vendetta against it was hateful and Raymond Dang was right about the misinformation people like Anup spread about the WTC. I’m saying this as a member of SCSYou who believes strongly in SCSU reform. We ought not to be led by people with such hate in their hearts.”  



Finally, when asked about the thoughts of other SCSYou executives, Sahgal responded with: “…some of the executive candidates are discussing quitting altogether, others want to go out of their way to install Anup as President. I’ll be frank: I think Anup’s disqualification was at least partly motivated by the bias of the current SCSU establishment…

The Underground has reached out to Anup and members of the ShineBrightUTSC team for an official comment, and will be publishing their comments.

Ray Alibux’s Official Statement:

Dear Students of UTSC,

Given the recent controversy I’d like to issue my piece to clear up what is being said:

The comments made in the chat by Anup, were not my own nor the comments of the other members of SCS You.

My reaction to it was an initial shock as it was inappropriate and out of character of Anup. Continuing with this knee-jerk reaction, I tried to lighten the mood with the statement ‘I hope this is never leaked’. The false narrative (#SorryRay) that this was my attempt at creating a ‘cover-up’ is ridiculous and slanderous in nature. I was never offered a chance by anyone to explain my statement before publication or even provide context.

That said, I’d like to forward my sincere apologies to anyone affected by his statements. They were not appropriate and should not have been directed at an individual. SCS You will continue to run and set out to meet the promises we’ve made

Best, Ray

Ray also informed the Underground that as of now students were threatening him.